Container loaders

In terms of logistics, continuous development of the transport by containers would surely concern BOUBIELA MORET.

Nowadays, we observe a high development of sea container transport for any kind of products that can be filled in bags.

BOUBIELA MORET offers specifically designed “bag per bag” container loading equipment.


12_mediumBenefits :

  • Device directly linked to your bagging line
  • Loading made easily, in the shortest time
  • Absolutely no need to carry bags
  • optimal filling of the volume of the container
  • Possible use on multiple platforms (reduced loss time between 2 containers)


Le matériel :

Loading is performed by a telescopic loader with a specific loading boom.
The operator has the complete control of the machine, which is usually linked to the bag circuit
Bags are, according bagging line possibilities, transported, stored, redistributed at specific flow to finally be thrown/laid using a loading boom.

This loading boom provides the ability to distribute the bags over the entire width of the container and its lifting device allows to adapt the arrival of the bags at the convenience of the operator


Product data sheet :

Container loader: 12 meters stroke


Fixed machine : OPTIONS
Stroke 8 meters —– F2T8CRP.DP
Stroke 12 meters —– F2T12CRP.DP REF / DESCRIPTION
Swiveling machines : SR / Structure (Use without dock)
Stroke 8 meters —– FP2T8CRP.DP QM / Operator platform (Use without dock)
Stroke 12 meters —– FP2T12CRP.DP PL / Side gateway on machine
Mobile machine : RR / Rails transfer
Stroke 8 meters —– FT2T8CRP.DP CB / Cover (outdoor use)
Length 12 meters —– FT2T12CRP.DP