Legal notice

Through this charter, the National Assembly, wishes to convey to users of the website its commitments and rules to abide by them during their visits to the Site.

1. General
The publisher undertakes to:
* Check the validity of information made known to the Site Users.
* Use its best efforts to maintain online services offered on the Site.

2. Privacy
The publisher undertakes to:
* Ensure the fundamental rights of users when collecting personal data on the Site;
* Keep users informed of any collection and processing of personal data concerning him: personal data transmitted by the user on the Site will not be transferred to a third party.
* Answer questions from users in the processing of personal data and personal;
Accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the User has a right to access and correct personal data and personal it has transmitted to the Publisher. This right may be exercised by contacting directly.

3. Intellectual Property
The publisher undertakes to:
* Provide information on rights and obligations when using legally protected content;
* Promote the technical protection of works and the fight against piracy of content.

4. Guarantee vis-à-vis users
The Publisher shall:
* Ensure the legal security of payment transactions;
* Provide the information required prior to payment transactions;
* Deploy all means to meet “online”; questions from users;
* Use its best efforts to ensure the reliability, relevance and accuracy of content that can be produced by third parties and published on the Site.

5. Commitments of the User
* The User undertakes to respect the intellectual property rules applicable to the contents of the Site.
* Apart from a strictly personal and private, the User agrees not to summarize, adapt, publish and / or distribute, modify, alter or reproduce in any manner whatsoever any of the content available on any the Site, such as images, files, articles, illustrations, databases, audio, software, graphics, fonts, marks, logos or other information without prior written permission from the Publisher, and does not take over all or part of the Site on any other site accessed via the Internet or Intranet.

6. Our tips for safe navigation
* Never give your passwords to anyone.
* Beware of elements attached to emails from unknown sources, they may contain viruses.
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